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When you learn, teach, when you get, give. — Maya Angelou, Poet

Founder and Owner

Cindy Pearson


Workshop Director

Educational Consultant

Cindy Pearson graduated at the top of her class with a M.A. in elementary education and a concentration in curriculum and instruction from the University of Colorado. She also graduated cum laude with a B.A. in geology and a concentration in dance from Carleton College. She is a certified teacher in Colorado. In addition to nine years of private tutoring experience, Cindy has over eighteen years of classroom experience teaching students from kindergarten to eighth grade in both public and private schools in Colorado, Arizona, and Texas.

Cindy’s passion for teaching math and science to all ages and her love for the Golden community led her to start Golden Tutoring and Enrichment, LLC and design the MATHrive™ Workshops in January of 2012. She and two of her colleagues also recently co-designed Golden Tutoring’s ACT/SAT Prep Workshops and Literacy Launch™ Workshops.  Cindy loves sharing her love of learning and teaching with her local community and is thrilled that local grants through Golden Schools Foundation, Ride the Rockies, and Golden Civic Foundation enable Golden Tutoring to bring MATHrive™ Workshops to children who might otherwise not have the opporutnity to participate.

Cindy has exceptionally strong skills in differentiation, math enrichment and skill development, math and science curriculum design, individualized instruction, and classroom management. Additionally, she has a strong understanding of different learning styles, needs, and abilities. Cindy enjoys volunteering at her children’s schools and in her commuinty by being a board member of Golden Schools Foundation, leading math groups, and being an active member of the PTA.  In her free time, she loves to take dance classes, explore the great outdoors, and travel with her family.


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Amity Moore

4th-12th Writing & French Tutor

Josh Pollock

7th-12th Writing, Reading, Study Skills & ACT/SAT/GRE Tutor

Kelly Gibbs

K-7th Math Tutor
& MATHrive Instructor

Jesse Scott

9th-12th Math & Physics Tutor

Kelly Bischoping

4th-12th Science Tutor

Tiffany Strong

K-6th Literacy Tutor & Specialist
Literacy Launch™ Co-designer

Jennifer McCarron

3rd-12th Spanish & Literature Tutor; ESL/TEFL/TESOL certified

Ryan LaCount

9th-12th Math, Physics &
Org/Study Skills Tutor

Dell Bjes

K-5th All Subjects Tutor

Maxine Morris

7th-12th Math, Science, & Organizational Skills Tutor

Meredith Willingham

6th-12th Language Arts, Life Science & Study Skills Tutor

Malu Sanchez

Spanish Tutor

Olivia Tati

3rd-12th Math, Science, & Organizational/Study Skills Tutor

Vanessa Metskas

K-6th Elementary
All Subjects Tutor (Summer only)

Dianne Wells

K-5th Elementary Tutor

Jake Kurzweil

6th-12th Math, Science, & Org/Study Skills Tutor (2nd semester only)

Kaela Gagliardi

3rd-7th Grade
All Subjects Tutor (Summer only)

JP Lujan

8th-12th Grade Science, Spanish,
Math, & Writing Tutor

Lisa Boehm

4th-6th Grades All Subjects Tutor

Mary Forrester

6th-12th Grade Math, Science,
& Study Skills Tutor

Lisa Lee

ESL, G/T; 6th-12th Grade Language Arts
K-5th Grade All Subjects Tutor

Dianne Rizzuto

K-3rd Elementary Tutor

Jessica Mosher-Knoshaug

3rd-12th Grade Writing
& English Tutor

Dylan Sanchez

9th-12th Math
& Science Tutor

Tanya Griscom

6-12th Grade Science &
Organizational/Study Skills Tutor

Angela Wempe

7th-12th Grade Math &
Organizational/Study Skills Tutor

Brenden Cyr

9th-12th Math/Science &
Organizational/Study Skills Tutor

Laura Hollingsworth

6th-12th Math/Science/Study Skills Tutor & SAT/ACT Test Prep

Jan Savant-Lynch

K-8th Grade All Subjects
Special Education Tutor

Sarah Jones

9th-12th Math, Physics, AP Lit/Comp,
& Org/Study Skills Tutor

Jen Snowberg

K-8th Language Arts &
K-4th Math Tutor

Brittany Hovland

7th-12th Grade History, Spanish
& Organizational/Study Skills Tutor