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Tutoring and Enrichment Testimonials

The confidence my daughter has gained working with Cindy over the past 8 months is amazing and the progress she has made in math has exceeded my expectations. I am always impressed at how well thought out the tutoring sessions are and I can tell Cindy spends time carefully considering what she do during the 45 minute session each week. At a time when we all must carefully scrutinize our financial expenditures I find this service completely worth it. Thank you Cindy and Golden Tutoring and Enrichment. I am glad to support a local company and am so pleased with the product. Keep up the good work! – Kim


Cindy has tutored my son for the last year and we have seen much improvement in his math and school work in general. Cindy is very good at connecting with kids and getting the most out of them. She is also very flexible in working with us and our busy schedules.  I would highly recommend her to any parent.

– John

Cindy is tremendous!  We feel so luck to have found her.  My daughter struggles with learning disabilities and doesn’t always fully understand the concepts taught in class.  Cindy helped solidify the concepts she missed and helped prepare her for the upcoming year so well that she scored 95% and above on all her math tests!  It was wonderful to see my daughter’s face light up with pride and confidence.

– Karen

When my son needed extra support with his math skills we turned to Golden Tutoring because of our knowledge and relationship with Cindy. She provided that extra bit of support that gave him the confidence to build his math skills. Feedback and homework are consistently provided which is great. Thank you Cindy and Golden Tutoring!

– Terry

Math Enrichment with Cindy has been a great way to keep my son’s brain sharp during summer break. I really like that she is willing to work with all kinds of personalities and rewards creative math thinking and problem solving not just the right answer.

– Mary

My daughter told me “Tutors are for kids who struggle with math, I don’t!”  Since working with Caitlin, she has decided that tutors help kids think in ways they’ve never thought before, and help make certain types of problems easier and fun.  She enjoys working with Caitlin and feels like Caitlin is stretching her mind and helping her reach her full potential.  I am very grateful for Cindy and Caitlin’s help and support!

– DeAnn

We contacted Golden Tutoring because we were afraid our daughter who has a late July birthday was not going to be ready for kindergarten.  It’s been only 2 1/2 months and we’re confident our daughter is now ready for kindergarten due to the fact that Stacy comes to every session prepared with more things to explore then they ever have time for. Stacy connects well with our daughter and our daughter enjoys the times they spend together.

– Brian

My son was enrolled in a MATHrive Workshop last spring.  He had a very fun time learning challenging math through games and hands on activities.  He enjoyed working in groups and never once complained about having to stay after school to do more math!  I would highly recommend MATHrive!

– Cheryl

My daughter excelled during Cindy’s after school workshops.  She really enjoyed herself and learned so much that she actually was mad at me one time when Cindy was on vacation because she thought I forgot to sign her up!!  I wholeheartedly recommend MATHhrive!!

– Kim

My second grader was so excited to participate in the MATHrive after-school workshop. He really enjoys math and just can’t seem to get enough math in the classroom.  He came home from the workshop asking me if I knew how to estimate.  After he explained estimation to me he demonstrated by estimating how much money he would make if he did all of his chores.  Pretty good motivation to get the chores done.  Thanks Cindy!

– Cheri

He showed us the bow tie method and the DMSB method and clearly had confidence that he could solve problems on his own. And perhaps the greatest sign that Cindy has a good program — he loaded up in the car enthusiastically each morning (for August Boost) and was very positive and happy when I picked him up. Even though he knew his little brother was hanging out with friends all week!

– Gina

I would like to extend a huge “Thank You” for offering the MATHrive Workshop at Mitchell Elementary! My son is in the gifted and talented program and does very well in math but always loves a challenge, especially when presented in a fun way. Your approach to learning/teaching shows us all that there are alterntaive ways for children to learn and appreciate the importance of math in their every day lives. He is looking forward to the next level of MATHrive!

– Kim

Thanks for organizing an interesting and fun way to challenge kids in math! Our son had such a fun time at his MATHrive Workshop, that his younger sister can’t wait until she’s old enough to attend for herself.

– Megan

My son loves the MATHrive workshops!  Cindy presents math concepts in a way that is fun and interesting.  My son is so much more confident with his math abilities after completing two sessions and he actually looks forward to MATHrive days!  I think that the small group atmosphere is stimulating without being too overwhelming.

– Ally

I recommend it to kids. It helps them learn with fun math games every time you go.

– J.T., age 7

I really clicked with Cindy!

– A.T., age 14

I like math [enrichment with Cindy] because it is fun and challenging!

– D.A., age 7

The games were cool!

– Z.H., age 8

I’m going over methods that I learned last year and had sort of forgotten and also learning some challenging new things.

– B.B., age 10

I liked that we played lots of games and during the not-game part it was also fun because we were working on more challenging stuff.  And also each day there was a theme that made the workshop not so rushed.  We also did fun exercise breaks that one of the teachers did with us that were about the theme of the day.

– C.P., age 8

I really liked it when we got to estimate how many marshmallows were in a jar.  At the end, we got to even eat some!  I also liked it when we estimated how many steps it would take to walk the hallway and then we got high-fives!  And we also got to play “I Have, Who Has” and it was super fun.  I had a blast at the math workshop!

– M.P., age 6

I like learning math through the math games.  It makes it fun!

– C.C., age 8